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Title: How to join Andalucia Bird Society
Post by: Peter on January 15, 2009, 05:07:07 pm
To join Andalucia Bird Society

Unlike the majority of societies, who normally work on subscriptions running only for the calendar year regardless of when subscriptions are received, we have now decided that any new member paying their membership fees will enjoy 365 days membership from the date of payment. Of course those who have already paid their subscriptions for 2009 will also have the same benefits applied. We believe this to be the correct and fairest way to treat our members.

We hope this good news will further encourage interested and potential members to join our progressive society.

Please remember that the forum and the main ABS homepage have separate log in systems. The forum is located at and the main site is located at

A step by step guide

1. First of all you need to join the open forum and you will find the ‘register’ tag at the top of the forum board (the furthest right tag). Click on this tag to register for your free forum membership.

Note: Shortly after you have registered you should receive an email approving your forum membership. No action can be taken by you until your forum membership is approved.

2. Once you have received your approval to become a member of the forum you can subscribe to full membership of the Society. To do this you will need to login with your user name and chosen password.

3. Once you have logged-in to the forum click-on the tag ‘profile’ at the top of the forum board third from the right. You will then see a summary of your personal profile and also see a menu to the left of the screen. Under the menu title ‘Actions’ click-on Paid Subscriptions.

4. Clicking on Paid Subscription under the title ‘Actions’ will take you to the membership Subscriptions Menu. Choose the membership applicable to you and click-on the ‘Order’ button.

5. Once you have clicked the ‘Order’ button then a ‘Confirm Payment’ screen appears and reconfirms the amount of subscription you have chosen to pay. If the amount is correct then click-on the button ‘Order with PayPal’. You will be directed to the PayPal site for payment.

6. The PayPal screen will be displayed and can be in Spanish! You will see a heading País and in the box to the right España. To the right of España there is a scroll marker to go through various languages. If, for example, you want the screen in English, simply scroll down to Reino Unido and select. The screen will appear in your chosen language and you can then complete the payment process. Please remember to have your credit card to hand.

7. If you successfully navigated through points 1 to 6 you are now a full member of the Andalucia Bird Society. Thank you and Welcome!