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Title: Rolling dates for field meetings
Post by: Franky no Hair on September 12, 2013, 01:44:01 pm
  Here are the proposed dates and locations for this year 2017


 Dec   Saturday      16th  Xmad lunch                                  Leader Frank Hair
 Jan   Saturday       20th  Fuente de Piedra                           Leader Frank Hair
 Feb  Saturday       17th  Bonanza                                       Leader Frank Hair
 Mar  Saturday       17th  Osuna                                          Leader Frank Hair
 Apr   Saturday         7th  Tarifa                                          Leader Frank Hair
 Apr   Saturday       21st   Las Norias                                   Leader  TBA
 Apr   Sunday          22nd  Cabo de Gata                              Leader   TBA
 May  Saturday       19th   Extremadura                                Leader William Haworth
 June  Saturday      16th   El Penon de zaframagon                  Leader Frank Hair
 July  Saturday        15th Algaba Ronda                                Leader TBA
 Aug Saturday         4th Boat trip in the straits                      Leader  TBA
 Aug Saturday         18th Guadalhorce                                  Leader TBA
Sept saturday           1st  Tarifa                                         Leader  TBA
Sept Saturday         15th Almeria                                        Leader TBA   
As we live near one of the best migration hot spots in the world,  the straights of Gibraltar, we have decided to add 2 extra permanent field meetings to the calendar.  These will be held on  the second week of April and September at some of the viewing points near Tarifa.  These meetings will start at the carpark of the lidl supermarket at 9.30.  More details will be added to the forum closer to the dates of the meetings.
  There may be some extra dates for next year so keep your eyes on the forum.

  Any questions do not hesitate to post and I will endeavour to answer them ASAP.
                                                  Have Fun Frank
Please do not use this post to reply to the guides.  Wait until the meeting has been put on to the forum and reply to that, you will get missed if you post here.