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Title: 2013.08.16 Day of scientific bird ringing at Montes de Málaga
Post by: Luis Alberto Birdaytrip on August 20, 2013, 05:17:27 pm
Very intense day with a good number of captures of quite a wide diversity of birds.

21ºC, clear, light breeze.

The Scops Owl was singing a little further this morning. But it is still there... or another one replacing it on passage, who knows?

Days are shortening quickly and there is no much light at seven. We have done the first round by that time but there was not any bird caught. But it was different at 8:00: 23 birds at the same time!!

It took us more than an hour to have it cleared. From then on, the number of birds every round was closer to average.

List of captures: 1 Robin (juvenile, retrapped), 3 Nightingales (all juveniles, 1 retrapped), 1 Stonechat (juvenile), 9 Blackcaps (6 juveniles, 2 retrapped), 5 Sardinian Warblers (all juveniles, 1 retrapped), 1 Subalpine Warbler (juvenile), 4 Melodious Warblers (all juveniles), 2 Western Bonelli’s Warblers (1 juvenile), 1 Pied Flycatcher (juvenile), 3 Great Tits (all juveniles, 1 retrapped), 2 Blue Tits (1 juvenile, 1 retrapped), 11 Chaffinches (all juveniles), 1 Goldfinch (juvenile), 2 Greenfinches (both juveniles, 1 retrapped) and 2 Hawfinches.

48 individuals of 15 different species in total. We could have gone to 50 birds and 17 different species if a Blackbird and a Coal Tit had not escaped from the net.

It is the first time a Stonechat is caught at the station as they prefer more open fields than forests. The number of Blackcaps has been proportionally higher than normal; they might be starting the passage.

Regarding controlled birds, the Robin was ringed on July 18th, the Nightingale was ringed last week. One of the Blackcaps was ringed last October; the other, on June 21st as a juvenile. The Sardinian Warbler was also ringed last week. The Great Tit was ringed on June the 4th. The Blue Tit, a juvenile, has been ringed somewhere else!! The juvenile Greenfinch was ringed last week.

Juveniles accounted for 85% of the captures... Where are the adults???