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Title: Second field meeting for May 2018
Post by: Franky no Hair on April 13, 2018, 03:28:22 pm
Second meeting for Extremadura
20th May
Meeting Point,
 the Roman bridge in Mérida on the west side (the side furthest from the town centre). There is a bar and easy parking nearby.
Leader for the day,
 William Haworth
Directions to the meeting point
Consult the internet from your area.
Information about the meeting
We will bird from the bridge itself looking for Penduline Tit and Purple Swamphen in particular and do a walking circuit of about 1 mile, also taking in the large nesting colony of Little and Cattle Egrets, Night Herons, and Glossy Ibis.
Then we will take our cars a few miles upstream to an old mill with plenty of Nightingales, Kingfishers on the river Guadiana and a chance of Wryneck.
Next stop is Alange dam, to see the large colony of Alpine Swifts, and perhaps the pair of Bonelli's Eagles nesting nearby. Near the reservoir we should see Gull-billed and Whiskered Terns. The area around the castle at Alange regularly gets White-rumped Swift. The colony of Pallid Swift nesting in the old church is one of the largest in Extremadura.
For lunch we can go to a restaurant in Alange or have a picnic.
Afterwards we will go to see what is on the move at a nearby flooded gravel pit. There should be Little Terns, a Bee-eater colony and maybe Stone Curlew in the field nearby.

Accommodation in the area
Check the internet
The cost for the guided trip is €25 per person. If the group is bigger than 7 people, the cost comes down on the basis of €180/number of people.
We will be looking for a member to wright a trip report for this meeting.
Title: Re: Second field meeting for May 2018
Post by: Suedevs on April 18, 2018, 09:41:47 pm
Hello Franky,

I will be attending with James.

Looking forward to a great weekend in Extramadura,

Sue Devereaux

Title: Re: Second field meeting for May 2018
Post by: Petrea on May 15, 2018, 10:15:27 pm
Mogens and I will be there (as also indicated in the post about the first day).