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Title: 3rd Field meeting for April 2018
Post by: Franky no Hair on February 22, 2018, 05:36:08 pm
ABS field meeting for April 2018 at cabo de gata
22 April
Meeting Point,   
at the hide on the left before entrance to cabo de gata. It is on a bend with a large graveled area in front.

Time, 9.30
Leader for the day, 
Garry Pearson
Directions to the meeting point
Check the internet from your area.
Information about the meeting
This is a visit where we need to try and fill cars and so prevent a long convey. In addition, during the morning, members can go on ahead or hang back to gain more space and then we check everyone is OK when we meet at the lighthouse about midday and stop for a coffee at a bar near the coast between about 1.30 and 2pm. This will be a short comfort break for the ladies, assuming, if desperate, the men may have already taken the necessary remedy! It would also enable folks to buy a sandwich if they do not have a packed lunch. We do not stop for a “formal” lunch break and so miss the birding time. After this break we drive along the track west from the town to the rambla so that we can explore the river mouth, probably a lagoon rather than a clean break to the sea. Look out for Slender-billed Gulls here.
Accommodation in the area
Check the internet and the ABS web site.
Clothing and food,
Look like this will be a packed lunch.
Possible birds,
  Lots of Flamingos and waders, especially Godwits and look out for Curlew and Stone Curlew as you make your way from the roadside to the hides, especially the two nearest the village.  With Trumpeter finches as a specialist bird for the area

We will be looking for a member to write a trip report for this meeting.