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Title: 2013.07.27 Day of scientific bird ringing at Montes de Malaga
Post by: Luis Alberto Birdaytrip on July 29, 2013, 06:32:44 pm
Summer morning, clear, with 22ºC and a little windy. The day turned cloudy and the wind slowed down by midday, with even a little shower while we were having a beer in our way back to Malaga.

We shared the day with David Hird (Chairman of ANDALUCIA BIRD SOCIETY), Simon Harding (General Manager of IBERNATURE) and Carmen Romero, Benito Sánchez y Alejandro López, students of Biology at the University of Malaga. We all spent a nice day learning about scientific bird ringing in a wonderful environment with the help of Antonio Miguel Perez, one of the best possible teachers.

We could not hear any of the familiar welcomes before day break, like those of the Woodlarks, Nightingales, Scops Owls or Red-necked Nightjars. Even at dawn, the bird concert was quite a short version of the typical one, with most of our friends having finished their breeding tasks and started their moulting silence period.

However, Booted Eagles stated their calls and ostentatious flights earlier than normal and they were very active for the rest of the day, with even three individuals flying together, though not without apparent conflict, above us. We could also see one Short-toed Eagle.

We could see and hear some other birds like Great Spotted Woodpeckers, Nuthatches, Short-toed Treecreepers, Bonelli’s Warblers, Crossbills, Wood Pigeons, Red-rumped Swallows, Pallid Swifts (some clear calls could be heard), Rock Buntings and even mammals, like a pair of Red Squirrels.

This is the list of captures: 2 Robins (both juveniles, 1 retrapped), 5 Sardinian Warblers (4 juveniles), 1 Wren (juvenile), 1 Great Tit (juvenile, retrapped), 2 Goldfinches (1 juvenile, 1 retrapped) and 7 Chaffinches (5 juveniles, 1 retrapped).

Total: 18 individuals of 6 different species.

Regarding retrapped birds, the Robin was a juvenile ringed last week, the Great Tit is another juvenile ringed on June 6th (it has survived for two months and stayed loyal to the site!), the Goldfinch was ringed on May 14th as an adult and the Chaffinch was ringeg on June 15th as and adult.

Juveniles accounted for 78% of the captures.