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Title: Winter in Andalucia
Post by: David Cunniffe on March 12, 2017, 06:06:31 pm
Hello friends,

I would very much appreciate any advice and recommendations that members could offer. My wife and I have rented a property in Colmenar, North of Malaga from November to February. We're pretty keen UK birders (not experts) and have done a Spring trip to Andalucia before, when we visited various sites such as the Donana, Odiel marshes, Isla Christina etc. Could anyone please suggest what birds might be about in the Winter months and where would be the best places to see them ? We will have transport.

Thanks a lot for any info.

Dave Cunniffe
Title: Re: Winter in Andalucia
Post by: Bob Wright on March 14, 2017, 09:33:06 am

Most sites are good all year round.  Locally, try Fuente de Piedra just beyond Antequera and if going that way the "Osuna triangle" is always an enjoyable day offering a range of raptors plus the chance of Great Bustard.  Rollers back in late April plus Collared Praticoles.  If you want further afield, take a trip down to La Janda (think a smaller version of the Donana) just beyond Tarifa.  Perhaps check out the raptor watch points as you cross the hills from Algerciras to Tarifa and add on the marshes around Barbate.  Lots of good (and cheap) accommodation in the are to make it a worthwhile two-day effort.

Good luck

Bob Wright
Membership Secretary