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Title: Killing Rose-ringed Parakeets
Post by: Carlos on June 27, 2017, 10:45:35 pm

   Hello, everybody. Let me bring a controversial issue to the forum....

   I was wondering what you think about the parakeet issue, and the way some authorities want to control their population. Particularly in Seville, the townhall have decided to hunt them all at Maria Luisa Park (eradication), where these parakeets mainly live, saying that these birds are a great risk for biodiveristy, farmers, etc., although other people say the informs about this risk is illogical and alarmist.

   Apparently, those that are in favour about killing are SEO and two researchers of Doñana (EBD). On the contrary more and more associations disagree with them.

   I would love to know some of your opinions on this controversial issue.


Title: Re: Killing Rose-ringed Parakeets
Post by: Bob Wright on July 01, 2017, 08:32:01 am
Interesting.  I have yet to see a Ring-necked Parakeet in Spain as all ours in the Axarquia district and Malaga seem to be Monk Parakeets.  We certainly have hundreds, noisy but colourful addition to the local avian population and seem to go down well with tourists (watching rather than eating!).  Unlike gulls, they keep to themselves and do not attack humans in search of food!  Removal of potential nesting sites?  Only losers on the sea front where they take over the palm trees would appear to be House Sparrows; no sign of either Jackdaw or Spotless Starling.

I seem to recall the locals were also in favour of removing all the Eucalyptus trees as they, too, were non-native species.  However, now discovered that these trees make excellent fuel sources for the pellet-burning stoves so , above Huelva, they are actually growing same with a ten year life before cropping.  Seems to me that economic and vested interests are driving both.
Title: Re: Killing Rose-ringed Parakeets
Post by: Carlos on July 04, 2017, 01:46:19 pm
   Thank you very much, Bob, for your reply and giving your opinion.

   I may give now my position on this topic: I think we should not be blinded by our feelings to be able to think clearly. In my opinion, if there were a real danger, some measure should be taken to solve the problem. The thing with the feral parrots is not only some people want to erradicate them by means of the most brutal measure (hunting) but the reasons are clearly exaggerated (disease transmission, damage to crops, extintion of other species...) when not false. Behind the killing position we have two researchers at EBD (which counts only as one because they are a couple) and are trying to convince the townhall of Seville to erradicate the birds. The only possible true reason can be the competition for nests with the greater noctule bat (Nyctalus lasiopterus) which populations seem to be decreasing - but that's not new, they needed help much before the proliferation of the parrots.

   Having said that, if there is not a real risk, why then some people want to kill them? I simply think it is ornithological racism - "noisy birds from pet shops living wild in my city...".
The situation now is that the pressure of some associations has made the townhall to reconsider other alternatives. Here the piece of news of just today:

   Happy birding,