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Title: Flower / Plant books for Andalucia
Post by: Brenda on July 08, 2009, 01:16:27 pm
I thought I would repeat my thread here from the Wildflower section as somehow it seems more appropriate?

There are many books available for the identification of wild flowers for the amateur in Andalucía, some of which can be bought on the coast and others from the internet or in the UK.

Wildflowers of the Mediterranean, by David Burnie, and published by Dorling Kindersley Handbooks was the most useful when I started taking an interest in flowers.

Wildflowers of Southern Spain by Betty Molesworth Allen proved to be my second choice, published by Santana Books.

Wild Flowers of the Mediterranean by Marjorie Blamey and Christopher Grey~Wilson published by A&C Black is another useful book.

Other useful books are listed below:

Field Guide to Wild Flowers of Southern Europe by Paul Davies and Bob Gibbons published by The Crowood Press.

Blacks Nature Guides Wild Flowers of Britain and Europe published by A&C Black London.

Field Guide to Orchids of Britain and Europe by Karl Peter Buttler, consultant editor Paul Davies published by the Crowood press.

Plantas y flores de la Costa del Sol by B.G.M. Shearman printed by Artes Graficas Torres S.A. Barcelona.

Guia de la Flora del Parque Natural Sierra de Grazalema by Abelardo Aparicio y Santiago Silvestre published by Graficas Seris Jerez.

Guia botanica de la Serranía de Ronda by Manuel Becerra Parra published by Editorial La Serranía Ronda 2008. This new book has an excellent section on orchids and also the endemic species of the Serranía de Ronda.

Title: Re: Flower / Plant books for Andalucia
Post by: Brenda on April 18, 2013, 09:26:20 pm
Some ladies were asking about flower books yesterday at the Field meeting in Sierra de Loja. These are books that I used when I first came here.

I hope you find them useful.