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Title: Padul and La Charca de Luis Suarez (Motril)
Post by: Sean Mac on March 23, 2014, 09:12:24 pm
Hi all,

I'm out for about 6 weeks and wondered what the chances were of Bluethroat at Padul? Too late in the year?

Also, has anyone got an inkling as to whether Moustached Warbler is still at La Charca? I've never seen one so would love to connect if they are still present (and performing in tune with the reserve's breeding season timetabled visits).



ps - thanks to Mick for the site for Azure-winged Magpie last summer. Sadly I didn't connect and had to make do with a consolation Goshawk. Usually this would have been bird of the day but I've never seen the Magpies so left the Bermejales a bit deflated, mostly due to seeing one of the lakeside gardens absolutely dripping with nets, presumably for trapping Turtle Doves etc.
Title: Re: Padul and La Charca de Luis Suarez (Motril)
Post by: Sean Mac on April 08, 2014, 01:27:54 am
To answer my own question...

Got driven to Padul on a very windy day a week or so back and consequently gave up almost straight away. Waste of time.

By contrast, benefitting from lovely sunny weather on Sunday, La Charca was its usual pleasant self, although quiet on the migrant front other than what must have been at least half a dozen Nightingales singing from various spots. 5 Green Sandpipers alarmed almost permanently as a helicopter pointlessly tracked backward and forward overhead, and a Black-winged Stilt briefly appeared. Highlights were a cracking male Redstart and male Subalp. Frustratingly, I think I did see a Moustached Warbler from the main hide, but it was right over the opposite side of the lagoon, creeping about in vegetation only about a ruler's height above water level; big fat super, but I can't really justify ticking it on such views. I would have gone round to try to listen for the diagnostic 3-note wader-type call amidst some cranky acro ramble, but the path to the opposite hide was closed so no luck there. I did have 2 Reed Warblers singing, one with quite a lazy delivery which made me hope for Great Reed but it showed and was only a Reed. Must go back there again soon, it's a super little place to wander round for a few hours even if the birding can be a little sedate. Nice to see so many Spanish people there, and enthusiastic.
Title: Re: Padul and La Charca de Luis Suarez (Motril)
Post by: Sean Mac on April 16, 2014, 01:50:52 pm
Another visit to La Charca on Sunday was pretty quiet again but produced a Ferruginous Duck, 6 Wood Sands and an astonishing number of Nightingales. I had good views of 4 different birds at various points around the perimeter walk, including one right out in the open at the top of a tree on the hotel/seafront side, as high and out in the open as I've ever seen one. They're so skulky back home. La Charca is clearly a great place to see Nightingale at this time of year.

Had a frustrating warbler which I had to 'chuck away' in the end. Looked pale grey on the upperparts, enough to make me suspect Olivaceous at first (though I think Oli might be paler and greyer the further east you go?), but I began to lean toward Bonelli's. I couldn't make out heavy green panelling on the wings though. I wonder if this feature is overplayed in plates eg. Collins? I haven't seen one for 4 or 5 years now so am struggling to recollect its 'look and feel' but I do suspect the Collins plate is over-egged a bit in terms of contrast. Anyone care to comment?

Picked the wrong day as well. On Saturday the warden had mist-netted a Wryneck and was showing it in the hand. Gutted!