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Title: October 4-day Visit to Huelva Province & Portugal
Post by: Bob Wright on June 28, 2015, 11:05:19 am
Huelva Visit to Ayamonte: Monday to Thursday 12 -15 October

Following on from the four-day visit in June, once again Marta Jariod at Apartamentos Costaluz has very kindly offered the Society the use of all eleven (11) high class apartments at Costa Esuri in Ayamonte on the Spanish border for three days at the price of two.  Each has full kitchen facilities, free wifi and a swimming pool outside that should be lovely and warm and a glorious way to end our daily birding, so please remember to bring your costumes.  This is a glorious area of Andalucia so we should expect some wonderful birds plus the opportunity to cross the bridge and do a little birding in Portugal.  The cost for the three nights is 130 Euros per apartment but we are limited to only eleven so very much a case of first to apply and also bearing in mind that those who took part in the June visit have been offered first refusal.  The full cost is the above rent for the apartment plus your own travel, though I suggest that as many of you as possible arrange to share once you know who else is the group, and your food.  There are nearby shops and, for many, a choice of restaurants.  Visit this link for more information about the resort:

At this time of the year we will still have many summer visitors and early winter visitors will also be arriving thick and fast.  Harvesting the rice in the Doñana should be under way and that offers the opportunity of seeing every member of the heron and egret families along with many other favourites of the area.  The Odiel Marshes (Marismas del Odiel) is, perhaps, a favourite site of mine and by the time we have journeyed as far as we need along the spit we will, probably, have also recorded just about every wader to be seen – including, hopefully, Spotted Redshank this time.  There should also be a range of raptors including Osprey, Marsh/Montagu’s Harrier, Common and Lesser Kestrel plus Buzzard amongst others.

There are some lovely birding sites just over the Rio Guadiana in Portugal including Castro Marim and Vila Real Santo Antonio.  The former is well known for its Lesser Short-toed Larks so yet another species to add to the list.

The planned itinerary gives the chance to recover from the long journey westwards by visiting Portugal on Day 2 and the next day’s visit to the Odiel will be timed to, hopefully, coincide with a receding tide.  The first day sees the visit to the rice growing area of the Doñana National Park along with the well-known lake at the Dehesa de Abajo.  Given the proximity to the Portuguese border, it may be that some participants will want to return to that country for a day or more before returning home.  Similarly, rather than explore the whole of the Doñana on the way west, I suggest that an extra night might be taken in the Park itself, probably in El Rocio, on the Thursday evening to allow more time to visit this fabulous area.  In other words, take the opportunity to stay as long as you like at very little additional expense.

If we fill all eleven apartments then I will keep a “reserve list” lest we have any later withdrawals.  At this stage I am not taking deposits but please do not reserve a place just to be “on the safe side”; better I know actual participants.  Once the party is complete, I will let all know the full list so that you can make any transport arrangements that may be of help.

Monday 12 October
Meet between 11.30 and 12 at the Dehesa de Abajo to the north-east of the Doñana National Park.  Drive back and through Isla Mayor to cover most of the paddy fields picking up herons, egrets, ibis, etc and then back to motorway for the onward journey to Ayamonte.
Tuesday 13 October
Portugal for the day visiting Santo Antonio and Castro Marim, etc
Wednesday 14 October
Odiel marshes for the day followed by a visit to El Portil on way back to Ayamonte.
Thursday 15 October
Depart Ayamonte and, for most I suspect, call in at El Rocio in the Doñana National Park.  Visit local reserves and, for some, stay an extra night.

For many, there should be time to take a short detour along the unfinished high-speed rail track at Osuna on their way west and, hopefully, find Great Bustards and a number of raptors.  Perhaps even an early returning Hen Harrier.

For those interested in joining the party, bookings are now open!  You can either send an email to the Society at or direct to myself at  It may attract my attention far quicker than responding to the Forum!

Bob Wright
Title: Re: October 4-day Visit to Huelva Province & Portugal
Post by: Franky no Hair on July 04, 2015, 05:15:47 pm
Hi Bob Just to say how do we (the membership)know how many places are left for this trip?
Title: Re: October 4-day Visit to Huelva Province & Portugal
Post by: Bob Wright on July 14, 2015, 10:05:18 pm
The information states that we have reserved all eleven (11) rooms at Ayamonte.  Therefore, maximum of 22 and hoping that any singles will double-up and share cost at 65 Euros for the three nights.  On a first come, first reserved basis and, I believe at the time of writing, we already have 8 rooms reserved including one single gentleman (who would be happy to share as last time).

Bob Wright
Title: Re: October 4-day Visit to Huelva Province & Portugal
Post by: Bob Wright on October 18, 2015, 01:38:55 pm
18 October 2015

Great time down in Huelva province based at Costa Esuri for our four days.  Over 125 species recorded including all the herons and egrets save Squacco Heron (but seen on the way home), Marbled Duck, fourteen raptors including Black-shouldered Kite and Hobby, most waders, Little Owl, Lesser Short-toed lark, Whinchat, Bluethroat, Rufous Bushchat, Northern Wheatear, nine warblers, both flycatchers, Southern Grey Shrike, etc.

Great birding in great company.  Thanks to all for making it such a pleasurable week.

Bob Wright