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On this page you will find all of the information provided by the Society about bird sites in the Province of Almería.
Click on one of the items below to get more information.

List of Bird Sites
Clicking on a highlighted Site Name will open a Site Description and clicking on its highlighted map reference will open a location map.  A Google Map showing the location of all of the listed bird sites is also shown below.

Site Name 10x10km grid Map Reference Altitude (Low/High) Habitats
Albufera de Adra  AL96 36°45' 15.57"N; 2°57' 01.94"W 2/2 Interior Wetland
Cañada de las Norias AL98  36°45' 43.99"N; 2°44' 12.83"W 24/24 Interior Wetland
El Cortijo Grande AL63  37°07’ 23.52”N; 1°56’ 04.49”W 138/138
Desierto de Tabernas AL47,48,58,59,69,70  37°01’ 09.46”N; 2°30’ 48.50”W 250/600  Other (Desert)
Embalse de Cuevas del Almanzora AL32 37°19' 52.77"N; 1°53' 43.63"W 123/123 Interior Wetland
Las Almoladeras AL92 36°49’ 37.32”N; 2°15’ 54.62”W  13/60 Coast, Scrub
Punta del Sabinar AL98 36°41' 00.02"N; 2°42' 03.96"W 2/2 Coast
Punta Entinas AL98  36°41' 10.38"N; 2°45' 16.21"W  0/0  Coast, Interior Wetland
Río Almanzora AL42 37°14' 26.27"N; 1°46' 39.84"W 0/0 Interior Wetland
Río Antas AL53 37°12' 01.59"N; 1°48' 53.58"W 0/0 Interior Wetland
Río de Aguas Bridge AL52 37° 8' 35.61"N; 1°55'53.85"W 67/67 Interior Wetland
Roquetas de Mar AL99 36°46' 01.79"N; 2°36' 14.32"W 0/0 Coast
Salinas de Cabo de Gata AL92,100,101 36°45' 45.32"N; 2°13' 06.80"W 3/3

Coast, Interior Wetland

Salinas Viejas y de Cerillo AL98,99 36°42' 08.05"N; 2°40' 34.78"W 0/0  Interior Wetland
Sierra Alhamilla AL70,71 36°59’ 38.55”N; 2°18’ 30.97”W 550/1290 Interior Rocky Terrain
Sierra de Cabo de Gata AL93,101 36°44' 35.62"N; 2°10' 21.64"W 260/330 Interior Rocky Terrain
Sierra de los Filabres AL47,48 37°12' 44.23"N; 2°29' 11.58"W 1400/2000 Interior Rocky Terrain
Sierra de Maria AL4,5,6,7,8,9,10 37°40' 28.45"N; 2°11' 51.83"W 1000 to 2000  Interior Rocky Terrain
{phocamaps view=map|id=4}
Almería has a subtropical Semi-arid climate.  It has hot summers and warm winters; it has one of the sunniest, warmest and driest climates in Europe.  In fact Almería is  home to the driest place in continental Europe, the Cabo de Gata, with only 117 millimetres (4.6 in) of rain per year.
The province enjoys about 3000 hours of sunshine annually with, on average, over 320 sunny days a year.
During the winter, daily maximum temperatures tend to stay around 18 °C.  At night, the temperature rarely drops below 8 °C.  Precipitation even during the wettest months is rare, this falls in short showers or thunderstorms.
During the warmest months - July and August, the sky is clear and sunny and no rainfall occurs.  The typical daily temperatures are around 33 °C during the heat of the day. However, this is often influenced by the Levante wind, a hot dry easterly wind that blows from the interior desert that makes temperatures soar to 38 °C or higher.  These can also carry dust or sand.  The minimum temperatures stay around 24 °C during July and August.  Heatwaves in Almería are quite common;  Almería reached up to 43 °C in August 2011.
Natural Protected Areas
Despite its arid climate Almería still has a significant number of protected natural areas as shown below:
National Parks
Parque Nacional Sierra Nevada
Natural Parks
Parque Natural Cabo de Gata-Níjar, Parque Natural Sierra de Nevada, and Parque Natural Sierra María-Los Vélez.
Natural Areas
Paraje Natural Karst en Yesos de Sorbas, Paraje Natural Desierto de Tabernas, Paraje Natural Sierra de Alamilla, and Paraje Natural de Alborán.
Natural Reserves
Reserva Natural Albufera de Adra, Reserva Natural Punta Entinas-Sabinar
The data for every sighting that is recorded, is linked to a 10x10km grid.  The map below shows enough detail to allow members to determine in which grid they have sighted their birds.  If more detail is required the Centro Nacional de Imformación Geográfica has produced maps of the provinces of Andalucia on a scale of 1:200,000, which also show the 10x10km grid.  They can be purchased from most large bookstores.

Click on the map to obtain an enlarged view or if you prefer click here for a (downloadable) Pdf file

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