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On this page you will find all of the information provided by the Society about bird sites in the Province of Cádiz.
Click on one of the items below to get more information.
List of Bird Sites
Clicking on a highlighted Site Name will open a Site Description and clicking on its highlighted map reference will open a location map.  A Google Map showing the location of all of the listed bird sites is also shown below.
Site Name 10x10km grid Map Reference Altitude (Low/High) Habitats
Algaida CA3 36°51'23.32"N; 6°18'27.11"W 0/4 Woodland
Bahia de Cádiz inner bay CA41,42 36°29'08.14"N; 6°08'50.00"W 0/0 Coast
Bahia de Cádiz outer bay CA33,34,41 36°33'08.63"N; 6°15'27.33"W 0/0 Coast
Barbate marshes CA67,68,75,76 36°11'39.82"N; 5°54'28.33"W 0/0 Coast
Barbate Pine woods CA74,75 36°11'38.48"N; 5°58'26.25"W 30/140 Woodland
Bolonia CA82 36°05'15.15"N; 5°46'20.62"W 0/36 Coast, Scrub
Bonanza saltpans CA3 36°49'50.51"N; 6°20'25.72"W 0/1 Interior Wetlands
Cabo de Trafalaga CA74 36°10'53.30"N; 6°01'57.56"W 7/7 Coast
Cabrito Bird Observatory CA84 36°03'19.75"N; 5°33'12.25"W 330/330 Interior Rocky Terrain
Castellar de la Frontera CA64 36°18'31.37"N; 5°27'17.06"W 30/240 Woodland, Farmland
Cazalla Bird Observatory CA84 36°01'58.85"N; 5°34'35.82"W 158/158 Interior Rocky Terrain
Chiclana Nature Reserve CA51 36°26'44.27"N; 6°04'47.97"W 45/80 Interior Wetlands,  Farmland
Chipiona CA12 36°44'16.13"N; 6°26'32.85"W 0/0 Coast
Chipiona - Sanlucar Coast CA12 36°46'18.88"N; 6°22'47.91"W 0/0 Coast
Chipiona Coast CA22,32 36°39'17.77"N; 6°23'51.25"W 0/0 Coast
Codo de la Esparraguera CA3 36°54'06.29"N; 6°16'52.89"W 0/1 Interior Wetlands
Composoto beach CA50 36°25'12.32"N; 6°13'32.07"W 0/0 Coast
Cortadura beach CA41,50 36°30'12.09"N; 6°16'37.12"W 0/0 Coast
El Algarrobo Bird Observatory CA85 36°05'25.18"N; 5°29'02.22"W 172/172 Interior Rocky Terrain
Embalse de Almodóvar CA78 36°09'20.44"N; 5°33'32.18"W 96/96 Interior Wetlands
Embalse de Arcos CA19 36°45'55.80"N; 5°47'18.93"W 97/97 Interior Wetlands
Embalse de Bornos CA7,18 36°49'07.92"N; 5°42'06.71"W 99/99 Interior Wetlands
Embalse de Zahara CA9,21 36°50'00.05"N; 5°22'00.49"W 346/346 Interior Wetlands
Espera Nature Reserve CA5 36°51'54.01"N; 5°51'44.62"W 103/133 Interior Wetlands
Garganta Verde CA21 36°49'29.35"N; 5°24'24.62"W 463/625 Interior Rocky Terrain, Woodland
Gibraltar CA80,86 36°08'11.62"N; 5°20'56.86"W 0/390 Coast, Inhabited  Areas, Scrub
Grazalema Area CA21 36°45'29.91"N; 5°22'06.28"W 855/1498 Interior Rocky Terrain, Woodland
Guadalquivir lower marshes CA4 36°52'25.15"N; 6°15'25.32"W 0/1 Interior Wetlands
Jimena and the Río Hozgarganta CA56 36°25'43.55"N; 5°27'16.48"W 0/78 Inhabited
La Algaida CA3,13 36°50'09.57"N; 6°17'38.15"W 1/1 Interior Wetlands,    Farmland
La Janda CA61,67,68,69,77 36°15'00.79"N; 5°50'02.76"W 4/4 Interior Wetlands,      Farmland
Laguna Chica CA24 36°38'52.35"N; 6°13'51.98"W 32/32 Interior Wetlands
Laguna de Jelf CA51 36°26'26.05"N; 6°04'57.14"W 49/49 Interior Wetlands
Laguna de las Camelias CA73 36°17'39.00"N; 5°16'22.91"W 1/1 Coast
Laguna de las Canteras CA35 36°35'09.07"N; 6°04'12.07"W 62/62 Interior Wetlands
Laguna de las Canteras and Laguna del Tejon CA35 36°34'56.25"N; 6°04'17.56"W 55/66 Interior Wetlands
Laguna de Montellano CA51 36°27'34.88"N; 6°04'17.48"W 65/65 Interior Wetlands
Laguna de San Antonio CA43 36°32'06.18"N; 6°03'26.13"W 80/80 Interior Wetlands
Laguna del Comisario CA43 36°31'28.34"N; 6°01'35.74"W 86/86 Interior Wetlands
Laguna del Taraje CA43 36°37'43.08"N; 6°03'06.34"W 56/56 Interior Wetlands
Laguna del Tejón CA35 36°34'32.65"N; 6°04'28.05"W 55/55 Interior Wetlands
Laguna Juncosa CA24 36°38'14.30"N; 6°13'30.19"W 43/43 Interior Wetlands
Laguna Medina Nature Reserve CA35 36°37'03.19"N; 6°03'01.58"W 50/50 Interior Wetlands,  Scrub. Farmland
Laguna Saluda CA24 36°38'40.34"N; 6°14'10.95"W 38/38 Interior Wetlands
Laguna Tarelo CA3 36°50'51.32"N; 6°19'15.42"W 0/1 Interior Wetlands
Los Barrios CA79 36°13'33.21"N; 5°28'51.14"W 140/140 Other
Mesas de Asta Marshes CA4 36°47'43.20"N; 6°09'17.59"W 5/5 Interior Wetlands,      Farmland
Mirador Del Estrecho CA84 36°03'23.45"N; 5°32'44.54"W 109/109 Interior Rocky Terrain
Monte Algaida saltpans CA3 36°53'00.58"N; 6°20'00.15"W 0/1 Interior Wetlands
Montes de Jimena CA56 36°25'03.92"N; 5°31'05.19"W 609/609 Interior Rocky Terrain, Woodland
Ojén Valley CA78 36°08'37.92"N; 5°35'40.63"W 30/245 Woodland, Interior Rocky Terrain, Scrub,      Pasture
Peñón de Zaframagón Nature Reserve CA1 36°58'40.89"N; 5°22'17.54"W 270/450 Interior Rocky Terrain,  Scrub, Farmland
Playa de Los Lances CA84 36°01'57.90"N; 5°37'30.33"W 0/0 Coast
Puerto de Bolonia Bird Observatory CA83 36°06'03.28"N; 5°43'57.98"W 175/175 Farmland
Puerto de Santa Maria Nature Reserve CA24 36°38'57.64"N; 6°14'04.18"W 30/43 Interior Wetlands
Puerto Real CA42 36°31'46.06"N; 6°11'08.08"W 0/8 Coast, Inhabited    Areas, Woodland
Puerto Real Nature Reserve CA43 36°31'59.10"N; 6°02'17.54"W 55/110 Interior Wetlands,         Scrub, Farmland
Punta Camarinal CA82 36°05'25.35"N; 5°48'36.18"W 0/43 Coast
Punta Carnero CA86 36°04'37.14"N; 5°25'34.26"W 0/20 Coast
Punta del Acebuche CA85 36°03'02.68"N; 5°27'54.14"W 0/10 Coast
Punta del Perro, Chipiona CA12 36°44'17.73"N; 6°26'36.49"W 0/0 Coast
Punta Secreta CA86 36°04'13.11"N; 5°25'53.88"W 0/15 Coast
Río Barbate estuary CA75 36°10'51.80"N; 5°54'24.63"W 0/0 Coast
Río de la Jara valley CA84 36°06'40.83"N; 5°37'52.23"W 30/155 Woodland, Scrub,         Pasture
Río de Valle – Punta Paloma CA83 36°04'06.46"N; 5°41'43.99"W 3/3 Coast
Río Guadiaro Natural Park CA73 36°16'54.53"N; 5°16'55.74"W 0/4 Scrub, Coast
Río Guadiaro, east bank CA73 36°17'15.63"N; 5°17'07.71"W 1/1 Interior Wetlands,  Scrub
Río Palmones and marshes CA80 36°10'09.71"N; 5°26'36.19"W 0/0 Coast
Salina de la Tapa, El Puerto de Santa Maria CA34 36°35'33.96"N; 6°12'23.05"W 3/3 Coast
Salina San José del Palmar CA42 36°29'13.00"N; 6°8'50.00"W 0/0 Coast
Salinas central CA50 36°27'15.74"N; 6°09'22.11"W 3/3 Coast
San Enrique wood MA84 36°18'07.75"N; 5°17'59.70"W 4/8 Woodland, Interior         Wetlands, Farmland
San Fernando CA42,50 36°27'53.22"N; 6°11'47.76"W 0/0 Coast, Inhabited Areas
San Pedro River estuary CA42 36°31'37.59"N; 6°14'06.62"W 0/0 Coast
Sancti-Petri marina CA50 36°23'48.04"N; 6°12'20.99"W 0/2 Coast
Sancti-Petri marshes Natural Park CA50 36°24'46.25"N; 6°12'22.24"W 0/0 Coast
Santuario Bird Observatory CA84 36°03'52.23"N; 5°38'54.32"W 66/66 Interior Rocky Terrain
Shrine of our Lady of the Light CA84 36°04'51.68"N; 5°37'33.15"W 1/45 Farmland, Inhabited        Areas
Sierra de la Plata CA77,82,83 36°05'56.21"N; 5°47'33.45"W 100/290 Woodland, Interior         Rocky Terrain
Tajo de Barbate CA75 36°10'38.84"N; 5°58'52.63"W 60/110 Coast, Woodland
Tarifa CA87 36°00'49.93"N; 5°36'20.90"W 0/0 Coast
Trafico Bird Observatory CA86,87 36°00'49.10"N; 5°35'20.45"W 0/36 Coast
Valley of the Rio Jara CA78 36°06'40.83"N; 5°37'52.23"W 30/155 Woodland, Scrub,         Pasture
Villaluenga del Rosario Area CA31 36°41'48.05"N; 5°23'09.10"W 871/871 Interior Rocky Terrain, Woodland, Pasture
Zahara de Sierra Area CA21 36°50'25.42"N; 5°23'25.25"W 346/850 Interior Rocky Terrain, Woodland
Zahara de los Atunes CA76 36°08'08.26"N; 5°50'53.41"W 0/0 Coast
{phocamaps view=map|id=17}
Climate & Habitat
The Province of Cadiz has a mixed climate, partly Mediterranean and partly Atlantic, characterized by very mild and wet winters and long warm to hot and dry summers.  The average annual temperature is 24 °C during the day and 12 °C at night.  Summer temperatures do not usually rise above 34° and winter temperatures are usually quite moderate too.  The average annual rainfall is 598 mm per year, concentrated in the months of October through April.  December is the wettest month with 109 mm.  However, the annual rainfall in the Sierra de Grazalema has been measured as high as 4,346 millimetres in 1963, the highest ever recorded for any location in Iberia.
There are, on average, 54 rainy days per year, 137 clear days and 2,966 hours of sunshine a year.  It never snows but it can often be very windy.
The province of Cádiz is located mainly on the Atlantic coast and has some of Andalucia's most windswept beaches.  Habitats of the province are dictated by extensive coastal plains, the valley of the Guadalquivir, which is barely above sea level and high sierras such as Sierra de Grazelema.  It therefore has a high diversity of habitats, coast and coastal mud flats, interior wetland, farmland, scrub, woodland (Mediterranean and Conifer forests) and high, interior rocky terrain.
Natural Protected Areas
The province of Cádiz occupies an area of 7,358 square kilometres and 2,140 of them are natural protected areas:
Natural Parks
Sierra de Grazalema, Bahía de Cádiz, Los Alcornocales, Peñón de Zaframagón, Breña y Marismas de Barbate, and Estrecho.
Natural Areas
Embalse de Arcos, Embalse de Bornos, Estuario de Guadiaro, Isla del Trocadero, Marismas de Sancti Petri, Marismas del Palmones, and Playa de los Lances.
Natural Reserves
Complejo Endorreico de Chiclana, Complejo Endorreico de Espera, Complejo Endorreico de Puerto Real, Complejo Endorreico del Puerto de Santa Maria, Laguna de Medina, and Lagunas de las Canteras y El Tejon.
Grid Map
The data for every sighting that is recorded, is linked to a 10x10km grid.  The map below shows enough detail to allow members to determine in which grid they have sighted their birds.  If more detail is required the Centro Nacional de Imformación Geográfica has produced maps of the provinces of Andalucia on a scale of 1:200,000, which also show the 10x10km grid.  They can be purchased from most large bookstores.
Click on the map to obtain an enlarged view or if you prefer click here for a (downloadable) Pdf file

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