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On this page you will find all of the information provided by the Society about bird sites in the Province of Málaga.

Click on one of the items below to get more information.

List of Bird Sites
Clicking on a highlighted Site Name will open a Site Description and clicking on its highlighted map reference will open a location map.  A Google Map showing the location of all of the listed bird sites is also shown below.

Site Name 10x10km grid Map Reference Altitude (Low/High) Habitats
Arroyo de Zaragoza MA67,77 36°34' 45.19"N 4°35' 56.20"W 80/180 Woodland, Scrub
Benahavís MA73 36°30' 38.94"N 5°01' 31.19"W 60/160 Interior Rocky Interior, Woodland, Interior Wetland
Benaoján – Jimera de Libar MA46 36°41' 18.36"N 5°15' 30.63"W 450/550  Interior Rocky Terrain, Woodland, Scrub 
Costa de Maro  MA59  36°45' 07.54"N 3°49' 43.54"W  0/50  Coasts 
Cueva del Gato  MA46  36°43' 37.12"N 5°14' 15.69"W  459/459  Interior Rocky Terrain 
Desembocadura Río Guadalhorce  MA68  36°40' 25.97"N 4°27' 24.17"W  0/0  Interior Wetland, Coasts 
Desfiladero de Los Gaitanes  MA25  36°54' 59.37"N 4°46' 22.34"W  202/311  Interior Rocky Terrain, Interior Wetland 
El Chorro  MA25  36°54' 38.81"N 4°45' 40.31"W  210/210  Interior Wetland, Interior Rocky Terrain 
El Pantanillo  MA32  36°45' 40.06"N 5°14' 59.25"W  755/755  Interior Wetland, Woodland 
El Torcal  MA19  36°57' 10.69"N 4°32' 40.01"W  1209/1209  Interior Rocky Terrain 
Embalse de Cancelada  MA81  36°28' 14.54"N 5°03' 14.35"W  26/26  Interior Wetland 
Embalse de Conde de Guadalhorce  MA24  36°55' 03.39"N 4°48' 55.56"W  350/350  Interior Wetland, Interior Rocky Terrain, Woodland 
Embalse de Gaitanejo  MA24,25  36°55' 57.59"N 4°47' 21.36"W  350/350  Interior Wetland, Interior Rocky Terrain, Woodland 
Embalse de Guadalhorce  MA17  36°57' 54.73"N 4°46' 31.21"W  350/350  Interior Wetland, Interior Rocky Terrain, Woodland 
Embalse de Guadalteba  MA16  36°57' 14.74"N 4°48' 48.50"W  350/350  Interior Wetland, Interior Rocky Terrain, Woodland 
Embalse de la Concepción  MA74  36°32' 39.41"N 4°57' 43.70"W  94/94  Interior Wetlands, Woodland, Scrub 
Jorax Gorge  MA50  36°44' 15.83"N 4°53' 24.66"W  550/650  Interior Rocky Terrain, Scrub 
Juanar  MA65  36°34' 23.91"N 4°53' 14.16"W  700/1000  Interior Rocky Terrain, Woodland, Scrub 
Laguna Chica  MA13  37°05' 52.66"N 4°18' 31.34"W  797/797  Interior Wetland, Farmland 
Laguna de Capacete  MA16  37°01' 22.83"N 4°49' 35.88"W  458/458  Interior Wetland, Farmland 
Laguna de Fuente de Piedra  MA3,9  37°06' 38.96"N 4°46' 02.67"W  429/429  Interior Wetland, Farmland 
Laguna de la Ratosa  MA3  37°12' 02.39"N 4°42' 02.77"W  445/445  Interior Wetland, Farmland 
Laguna Dulce  MA8  37°03' 04.79"N 4°50' 05.43"W  449/449  Interior Wetland, Farmland 
Laguna Grande  MA13  37°06' 32.31"N 4°18' 09.10"W  793/793  Interior Wetland, Farmland 
Laguna Redonda  MA8  37°01' 49.89"N 4°50' 35.71"W  449/449  Interior Wetland, Farmland 
Laguna Salada  MA8  37°02' 11.02"N 4°50' 37.36"W  449/449  Interior Wetland, Farmland 
La Indiana  MA47  36°45' 11.75"N 5°12' 25.89"W  466/466  Interior Wetland, Scrub 
Las Mesas de Chullera  MA84  36°20' 33.04"N 5°16' 50.13"W  150/170  Scrub 
Llanos de Libar  MA46  36°42' 33.76"N 5°17' 09.95"W  700/1000  Interior Rocky Terrain, Woodland, Scrub 
Los Quejigales  MA48  36°41' 26.58"N 5°02' 41.75"W  1100/1100 Interior Rocky Terrain, Woodland, Scrub 
Montecorto Campo  MA32  36°49' 03.83"N 5°16' 0.72"W  450/700  Farmland, Scrub 
Montes de Málaga  MA28,40  36°50' 02.56"N 4°23' 13.22"W  250/500  Interior Rocky Terrain, Woodland 
Río de Manilva  MA79  36°23' 58.89"N 5°15' 47.67"W  50/150  Interior Wetlands, Interior Rocky Interior, Scrub 
Río del Padrón  MA81  36°26' 32.60"N 5°05' 48.46"W  0/4  Interior Wetlands, Coasts 
Río Guadalhorce at Álora  MA37  36°48' 30.24"N 4°41' 59.96"W  88/88  Interior Wetland, Farmland 
Río Guadalmansa  MA81  36°27' 09.99"N 5°03' 27.37"W  0/3  Interior Wetlands, Coasts 
Río Turón  MA24  36°52' 57.48"N 4°51' 16.66"W  352/352 Interior Wetland, Farmland 
Río Velez  MA57  36°43' 47.22"N 4°06' 29.56"W  0/2  Interior Wetland, Coasts 
Ruianas de Bobastro  MA25  36°54' 02.70"N 4°46' 22.66"W  550/550  Interior Rocky Terrain, Interior Wetland 
Serranía de Ronda  MA47  36°38' 21.10"N 5°09' 49.32"W  660/840  Interior Rocky Terrain, Woodland 
Sierra Bermeja  MA72  36°28' 19.84"N 5°09' 58.32"W  286/286  Scrub 
Sierra Blanquilla  MA34  36°46' 51.34"N 5°02' 53.69"W  1148/1148  Interior Rocky Terrain 
Sierra Crestellina  MA71  36°29' 32.80"N 5°16' 40.03"W  110/650  Interior Rocky Terrain, Woodland 
Sierra de Camarolo  MA20,21  36°59' 05.84"N 4°20' 35.57"W 


Interior Rocky Terrain 
Sierra de la Sanguijuela  MA33  36°47' 45.88"N 5°14' 49.03"W  800/800  Interior Rocky Terrain 
Sierra de Mijas  MA67  36°36' 53.83"N 4°38' 02.92"W  350/1100  Interior Rocky Terrain, Woodland, Scrub 
Sierra de Tejeda  MA31  36°55' 26.72"N 4°05' 31.42"W  550/1175  Interior Rocky Terrain, Woodland, Scrub 
Sierra de Tolox  MA49  36°40' 41.23"N 4°54' 34.23"W  350/500  Interior Rocky Terrain, Scrub 
Teba Gorge  MA16  36°58' 58.05"N 4°52' 47.88"W  379/458  Interior Rocky Terrain 
Teba Sierra  MA16  36°58' 17.13"N 4°50' 58.69"W  430/660  Interior Rocky Terrain 
Valle de Abdalajís  MA25  36°55' 43.38"N 4°41' 35.66"W  477/477  Interior Rocky Terrain, Scrub 
Valle de Peralta Quintero  MA33  36°47' 53.50"N 5°12' 25.37"W  670/720  Interior Wetland, Scrub, Farmland 
Ventas de Zafarraya  MA30  36°56' 59.83"N 4°07' 32.27"W  918/918  Interior Rocky Terrain, Scrub 

{phocamaps view=map|id=18}

Climate & Habitat
The 130kms of coast of the province of Málaga is entirely Mediterranean and therefore coastal areas are subtropical/Mediterranean with long hot summers and slightly cooler but short mild winters.  The average rainfall  on the coast is below 500mm per year, while in interior zones it can rise to 600-800 millimetres or even over 1,000 in Serranía de Ronda, especially near Sierra de Grazalema.

The warmest months are July and August, the coldest months December and February, with day time temperatures in the coastal area of between 15ºC and 32ºC and a year around average temperature of 24ºC.  In the sizeable hinterland areas the climate is continental and therefore marked by greater diurnal and seasonal variations in temperature.

The province's area is 7,308 km² and there are more than 300 days of sunshine.

The habitat is very varied because as well as having a long coastline Málaga province also has a large expanse of mountainous areas.  You can therefore experience a lanscape riddled with steep-sided ravines and gorges, plunging cliff faces, saline lakes, shady pine forests, natural coast, eroded limstone landscape, large lagunas and sandy beaches.

Natural Protected Areas
Málaga Province has the following protected natural areas:

Natural Parks
Parque Natural de Montes de Málaga, Parque Natural de Sierras of Tejeda, Almijara and Almara, and Parque Natural de Sierra de las Nieves.

Natural Reserves
Reserva Natural Fuente de Piedra, Reserva Natural Laguna de la Ratosa, Reserva Natural de Lagunas de Archidona, and Reserva Natural de Lagunas de Campillos.

Natural Areas
Paraje Natural de Desembocadura Río Guadalhorce, Paraje Natural de Desfiladero de los Gaitanes, Paraje Natural de Los Reales de Sierra Bermeja, Paraje Natural de Sierra Crestellina, Paraje Natural de Torcal de Antequera, Paraje Natural Sierra de Grazelema, and Paraje Natural de Acantilados de Maro-Cerro Gordo.

The data for every sighting that is recorded, is linked to a 10x10km grid.  The map below shows enough detail to allow members to determine in which grid they have sighted their birds.  If more detail is required the Centro Nacional de Imformación Geográfica has produced maps of the provinces of Andalucia on a scale of 1:200,000, which also show the 10x10km grid.  They can be purchased from most large bookstores.

Click on the map to obtain an enlarged view or if you prefer click here for a (downloadable) Pdf file

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